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Read some game tricks when playing on casinos


Mobile casino tricks and advices and about When it comes to big amounts like jackpots where you can win millions an advice is to play on slot machines with the lowest bets, like 0.25$ så that you increase chances of winning. Sounds strange but casinos advertise in the media and to be able to promote the casinos they mostly give the jackpots to the ones who bet less making the casinos look good. When buying scratch cards remember to watch out to see if the objects that you need to have on your card are similar to the ones you have. If so change scratch card.

If you play on slot machines that have less bonus spin rounds you have increased chances of winning on the slot machines when paying for each spin usually. Gladiator is an example on that, it gives out 100 free spins but normally the slot machine pays little when played normally with paid bets. As usually, it takes average 90 spins to get the free spins or bonus round but bonus round do not always pay out big money. This means that it is more ensured for a gambler to play on slot machines that have less spins when in the bonus round. If you have gambled long time on a machine and lost increase bet as chances are higher for a big win. This trick can be also used if you need to gamble enough to remove the restriction of a bonus you have received. Slot machines that appear diffiult to win with, like having to have 3 scatters after eachother from wheel one, two to three have increased chances of paying out to the gamblers.

Roulette is a game where 0 and 00 are the highest payout numbers. Therefor it is wise to gamble onn those numbers than others. Just to be safe, first you can gamble on other numbers with a small bet to trick the casino and then you can increase bet when playing on 0 and 00. If you want more security in gambling then soccer and other sports bettings are commended. A Cup and such trophy games are not important for soccer players who play in big teams and that is why teams that are not so good tend to win. Womens soccer is easier to gamble with because the results end up with a higher difference than mens soccer. So is as well ice hockey, gambling on at least 5+ goals is a more secure bet.